India’s Top 10 Most Respected Technology Vendors 2013 – Here are the results…


The CIOs have spoken…

224 CIOs participated in the CIO Association of India‘s annual survey on India’s Most Respected Technology Vendors.

We asked them the question “Which technology vendor (operating in India) do you respect the most?

Key Findings:

  1. IBM continues to dominate the list. Even though it has lost more than 8% of the votes compared to 2012, it is still almost three times as respected as the next name on the list.
  2. Oracle and Google are no longer part of the top 10, they were at 6th and 10th place respectively in 2012.
  3. Microsoft has gained four spots, jumping from 8th to 4th place.
  4. Dell and HP have exchanged places, Dell is now 2nd and HP occupies the 3rd spot.
  5. Cisco has dropped three places from 4th to 7th.
  6. EMC and Cognizant are the new entrants into the top 10.

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  1. Mohit Bhishikar says:

    Interesting…what a big difference between #1 and the rest! There is a lot other vendors have to do to bridge the gap.

  2. It is good to see such matrix. this gives number of analysis at different point.

  3. bikramseth says:

    Quite interesting to see some Indian vendors also on this list, they are giving the international vendors good competition.

  4. Tapan, I am waiting for the big blue stoney.

  5. Anindo Dey says:

    The big Indian vendors have traditionally stayed away from the domestic Indian business due to, possibly, too much familiarity with the econo-political scenarios. While TCS, Wipro and now Cognizant, have clearly worked to stay “in”, the Global Tech vendors have clearly been more opportunistic. That said, it will be interesting to see a similar comparison between Hardware/Infrastructure and Software vendors. Hardware/Infra projects are more capital intensive than software projects and that might be the reason for IBM, HP and Dell’s dominance. Just a thought.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tapan ,

    Pls suggest the parameters considered for this survey ?

  7. Raghavendra says:

    Particularly of interest is the 4% gain by Microsoft while IBM has lost close to 9% since last year. Anybody’s guess.

  8. Surprising that MNC’s like IBM, Dell, HP are more respected than our Indian companies ! Why ? What do they bring differently to the table ?

  9. Tapan,

    Would you be able to share how many vendor names came up, apart from the 9 on the chart?

  10. A complete hogwash.You can’t bracket hardware, software and services provider.
    IBM has Hardware, Software and Services. Compare that to Cogni that only does services.

    • There was no pre-selected list given to CIOs. They were free to choose who they like. When there is a survey done on Most Admired Brands in the world… Brands from any industry come up. Thanks for the first negative comment on this blog.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Surprise to see no Wipro, HCL and Infosys in the list. Looks like Indian player are more focusing on Dollers and US players are focused on INR as they see lot of oppartunity in Indian Markets :)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Surprise to see no Wipro, HCL and Infosys in the list. Looks like Indian player are more focusing on Dollers and US players are focused on INR as they see lot of oppartunity in Indian Markets

  13. Hi Tapan,
    Can you please criteria of this survey and number of CIO included in survey.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What is the respondents industry spread? That would give some more insight into this survey.

  15. Hi how can we get detailed report ? Will be good to see parameters etc.

  16. Anonymous says:

    1) What is the point of this survey? Asking CIOs to name one vendor from a mixed bag of companies they deal with – some who are only software vendors, some largely hardware, some only services – who are they most likely to pick – the one they deal/hear with the most. Obviously it is IBM. IBM has the “largest” portfolio of Hardware and Software products (much-much larger than its closest competitors with similar portfolio ie. HP/Oracle), and decent outreach via Services. This means that the chances any CIO having experienced IBM brand in at least one of these contexts is the highest, versus the chances the same CIO having experienced, say CTS, is much lower. IMHO, the report should be segmented otherwise it is just a feel good survey for a few and meaningless for others.

    2) Percentages are not always the right measures, especially when the denominators are small. And, size does matter – of the companies represented by those CIOs (enterprises, mid-segment, SMBs, startups). This could also skew the survey, as I think this one is. Could we know what was the CIO respondents count in 2012?

  17. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, like the Anonymous guy, above, says – this does not make sense. I will tell you one thing, take this same list of companies and ask their employees if they respect their companies and then do a average you will get the real list. For sure IBM, HP, DELL and Wipro will be kicked out first. I have worked with 5 companies out of 9 in the list and have a little experience. IBM, HP and DELL do not belong in the top 3 spots.

  18. EMC2 & Cognizant – The new entrant’s … way to go in the list of “India’s Most Respected Technology Vendors”.

    Congrats for all the Vendors who are coming up in the list and wish you all GOOD LUCK in the competition for the Vendors downgrading in the list and the NEW ENTRANTS AS WELL.

    CHEERS to all ! Wish u all the BEST in this Competition.

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